Nobody puts Sandy in a corner…. what?

Looking for some "favorite things" in Greece

Looking for some "favorite things" in Greece

Your favorite things. Are they in your home? Around you now? At your desk at work? In your car? More importantly, how many of your favorite things do you surround yourself with each day?

While unpacking some stuff after weeks of sitting in a box (don’t ask), I realized that my personal collection of CD’s paled in comparison to Rob’s. This probably isn’t a surprise, since he lives, breathes, and eats music (if music were some sort of carb, Rob would eat it, and probably put jam on it).

Although I love music, it doesn’t stir me the way it does Rob. I love it, but only crave it sometimes, like at 5 o’clock when I’m driving home and the sun is shining or when I’m working out. I do, however, crave movies.

To me, nothing beats a rainy Sunday afternoon, smack dab in the middle of the weekend, spent watching an oldie like Grease or The Wizard of Oz. I love getting nostalgic amidst the cozy feel of a thunderstorm.

But I digress.

Amidst the unpacking (did I mention how much I hate doing that?) I realized that I didn’t own two of my all-time favorite rainy-day movies: Pretty Woman and Dirty Dancing. Hello! How could I have gone this long relying only on SuperStation re-runs for my dose? No chance! I took matters into my own hands immediately.

While shopping for something else totally random that week, I thought ‘no time like the present’ and purchased both DVDs on the spot. It felt good. I had just invested in two of my favorite films AND gave myself a rain-day plan for the future. Next on my to-buy list: The Breakfast Club.

I figure it like this: Filling your home or desk or place you spend the most time in with your favorite, feel-good items isn’t something that should be hard to do. But it is. Whether it’s not wanting to spend the cash or deciding vacuuming or dusting or washing the car has more ‘value’, at the end of the day not surrounding yourself with things that make you happy is bad news. We’re only human (phef, humans) and sometimes need a little pick-me-up like a classic movie to bring us back from the craps.

On that note however, let me be the first to say that ‘things’ shouldn’t be responsible for bringing us happiness. But that thing (i.e.: a DVD) is just a means to end – that end being me cozying up with Nelope and Rob and a big fat bag of popcorn to a film or two that I know will give me instant happiness and much needed, often neglected R&R. That one purchase just set me up for something special. I can’t wait until it rains.


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