Wedding dresses are for birthdays


Birthday #28, 2008 (note: champagne w/ muddled strawberries in hand... thankyouverymuch Rob)


Birthday #29, 2009. In order to fully indulge in your dress you must hang out in it. Love the dress. Feel the dress. Absorb the dress.

When I hit the “publish” button on this post last week, I had no idea it would resonate with so many of you.

After posting about how I spent my 29th birthday, I followed up with  a post and a pic of me in my wedding dress. I bring it out to play once a year – one of several birthday rituals near and dear to my heart (included also: eating bacon n’ eggs, drinking champagne with strawberries and taking the day off work). Well ladies, the more the merrier – this year bring out the satin, lace, and slik dupioni… it’s your birthday!

I had a good wedding day. Great, in fact. I married a helluva guy on a small beach in Mexico, sipped champagne until the burros came home, and danced to Prince under the stars until my heart’s content, all while wearing my favorite dress. Ever.

To make a long story short-ish, I’ll tell you this: When I met my dress I couldn’t afford her. She was way out of my freelance-writing, yoga-teaching league. But my sister, Ashley (whom I have strange little conversations with) changed all of that for me. Months after meeting my dress, fate stepped in, made my sister a bridal stylist, sent her to Italy and left me a note attached to a small swatch of fabric that read, “My dearest sister… your dress is on its way”. I read that note on my birthday. And I wore that dress at my wedding. So wearing that dress on my birthday, naturally, makes me feel a lot things: A little pretty, a little glamorous, and a lot lucky.

Doing it in style
If you’ve always wanted to wear your wedding dress again but didn’t feel like your ex-roommate’s bridal shower or your husband’s company picnic was the place (pshaw) then wearing that little number as you’re blowing out the candles isn’t only your answer, it’s your dream come true (Note to self: Ease up on the brioche from Cherry Bomb – this year the boobs were a bit snug).

Now for the dames who don’t have a wedding dress to get fetch from the depths of a closet only to have your husband zip, button, and sash you into it while saying, “Are you really doing this again, Sandy?” don’t sweat it. On your birthday you can replace said W-dress with ANY DRESS that is your FAVORITE. Ever. Don’t have one? Well, now there’s a little something to add to your List: Get a favorite dress and wear it on your birthday. A-Sap.

Some requested details of my dress:

Designer: Melissa Sweet
Dress name (yep, they come with names now): “Dora”
Place of purchase: Pearl Bridal House (highly recommended for a flawless dress finding and fitting. Ask for Ashley).

I showed you mine, now how’s about you show me yours. Email me ( a pic or two of YOU in YOUR FAVORITE DRESS. I sense a movement stirring.



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6 responses to “Wedding dresses are for birthdays

  1. Dora oh Dora, she has a special place in my heart, in fact I have a picture of myself in that dress and almost bought it. Instead I got a Jenny Lee, but boy was it a toss up.

  2. i love love love the idea of wearing your wedding dress on your birthday! i don’t have a wedding dress…but i will definitely go out and get a fabulous birthday dress to wear until i do. and once i have a wedding and a dress…i will wear it every year.

  3. sam

    you are the cutest. my wedding dress is in a box in my mom’s basement. you may be able to convince me to bring it out for the big 3-0.

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  5. shelley

    Just love this idea… it’s something I should have done this year for my 40th.
    My maid of honour did put her dress on one evening a week or so before my weeding when I trying my whole outfit on at her place. Her husband thought we were crazy, but we had a great time hanging out and drinking wine….. I’m thinking the 2 of us should do it again.. maybe on our birthdays.. we can wear our dresses twice a year.

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