Um, there are a lot of bloggers out there.

So, my thoughts on blogging and working full time run like this: Don’t mix business with pleasure (you decide which one is which).

And I stand by my word. What happens in the blogosphere stays in the blogosphere. (But I don’t judge if what you do is blog about work. Your call. I applaud loudly.)

Been keeping my shit on the DL (my issues, whatever) and then I come to find that I’m not the only blogger at work.


Hello? Obviously.

There are others. Like 133-million others. What makes you think you’re not sitting next to one right now?

Ya, that’s right.

The guy with the funny waft when he walks by and always seems to be in the lunchroom when you are and never really says anything beyond “hey” when he sees you blogs, too.  He does.

And there are even others who “dip” but don’t blog. (These are our trusted, loved and oft misunderstood “lurkers”. You complete me.)

So I’m going to keep my shit on the DL still. B’cause that’s just how I roll. For now.

What about you – on the DL about your blog? Do tell.


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One response to “Um, there are a lot of bloggers out there.

  1. whatnot2date

    Blogging on the DL … as someone who works in the education industry, I certainly don’t blog at work or about work. My clients would want to be all over it and although my readership would be through the roof, I just can’t do it. Call it ethics. Call it aloof. I rarely give my clients what they really want. They are 11.

    That said, there are a few colleagues who are “in the know”.

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