Follow up to the “ma’am” situation at Starbucks this morning.

What, like it’s never happened to you?

I had a moment. And much like the short-lived comeback of Mariah Carey, it fizzled fast. So I’m back – no drama.

But whatever, just so you’re in the know, here’s how shit went down today-

A venti pike place please.

(pay…walk away…move to sugar-milk-station whatever. Drench coffee in my milk)

The bitch girl
Um, ma’am”. Ma’am. Ma’am.

(in disbelief, I turn around. very slow mo)


The bitch girl
Ya, ma’am, you forgot your wallet.

(still not blinking)
Ah, thanks.

The bitch girl It’s cute
My MOM HAS ONE. …. cuuute.”

Really? Eff you Starbucks girl. Eff you.

Anyway, it wasn’t a huge deal or anything;  but lately, I dunno. Shit’s just stinging a little more. Like people who were once just being all douchebagy suddenly have a point or something.

I dunno.

Anyway. I’m over it.

The bitch is like 27.

….That ever happen to you?



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4 responses to “Follow up to the “ma’am” situation at Starbucks this morning.

  1. I hate — HATE — getting called “ma’am.” Like, dude, I’m only 23, and I’ve been getting ma’am-ed for over half a decade! Sometimes I’ll call someone out on it, and they’ll mumble something like, “Oh, it’s not an age thing, it’s a respect thing.” I guess the concept of a respectful, more youthful term like “Miss” isn’t part of their vocabularies?

  2. Respect? That’s a load. I’m with you.

  3. paws4thot

    Many moons later 😉

    I’m surprised at anyone being “ma’am”ed in a Starbucks, but I’d expect a 20something female to be ma’amed as a term of respect in most of the hotels I stay in (usually business trips or on some sort of a deal rate).

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