Nudity has its perks.

14. Nude Beach-it

I’ll only be 29 once, so I’m going all out- and being literal about it. This year I will dabble in Full On Frontal at a nude beach in Portugal while vacationing.

(Eh-hem… I am, shall we say, a new woman. Freshly Europed… jet-lagged. Details tomorrow. Sleep. Is. A. Must.)



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7 responses to “Nudity has its perks.

  1. Oh, I’m totally excited to read about your trip. And proud of your ballsy nudie experience. I don’t know if I could do it.

    • Hi Emily, it’s amazing, but being around other nudies made it easier somehow.. or at least easier to wrap my mind around. Taking off my bikini was sort of like ripping off a band-aid.. one swoop, no turning back.

  2. Good for you! Sounds like it was worth the risk:) And anything that helps to allude self doubt is so worth it!

  3. Thank you. That was the best opening line I’ve read all week. I couldn’t help but keep reading. I can’t imagine what the post wouldn’t looked like if you punked out.

    “There are two things that happen when you run naked into the ocean:

    But I don’t know what they are because I chickened out.”

    That would’ve been a mighty short one. But I give you a lot of props for overcoming that self-doubt. I look forward to seeing where the journey takes you next.

    • I appreciate the read mr. nichols, and the compliment. I’m looking forward to where this next year takes me, too.. if I can put my naked ass out there and tell about it, I figure I can do a whole lot more.

  4. hiya – found your blog through ning — 🙂

    Great post — so great you made me feel like it was I who experienced this freeing life-moment. So glad I got that over with. 😉 lol

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