How to make a list to change your life.

Sometimes other people’s questions inspire our thoughts.

And sometimes our thoughts inspire other people’s questions.

The post you’re about to read is a combination of both.

The other day, I wrote this post about how the idea for this blog was hatched. I threw out some tips on how to reinvent in a pinch (I.e.: when your life feels more bland than rotten spice), and I even tossed in a thought or two about why this reinvention is so important to me. Apparently that was enough for mysterg to leave me this little nugget of a comment:

‘I don’t have a list…yet….but now I’m starting to think I should. How do I go about it?’

…And with that, I bring you this:

Here’s how to make a list to change your life (or at least add some spice to your life):

1. Set the date. There are some things that take a lifetime – wisdom, complete knowledge of one’s self, fully understanding the importance of dental hygiene – and there are some things that you really just need to get off your ass and do. There is no time like the present to start living the way you’ve planned. First step, when does your List expire?

2. Start with three things, and give yourself one year. That will give you FOUR MONTHS to work on each item. But I highly recommend you bump it up to four items, three months each. Why? Trust me, I’ve done this before. If you need longer than one year, no problem. But in the next 12-months there’s got to be at least ONE thing you can do TODAY to make a difference down the line. Think about it.

3. Picking. As for what those things are, well, that’s up to you. What keeps you up at night? What have you told yourself (or other people in your life) you’d like to do but never get around to doing? (er, like skydiving.. makes my List every year, but never gets done. This year, that WILL change.) What accomplishments do you envy in your friends? (envy, not jealously.. very different). And what scares you? The things that we fear most are usually the ones that propel us the furthest once they are accomplished. Whatever that is, put it on your List.

4. Who do you want to be? Figure out who you want to end up as by the time you’re done scratching that last item off your list. Do you want to be an author? A screenwriter? Smokin’ hot with six-pack abs? Ballsier? More confident? Less neurotic? Richer? These are all goals. Your List is simply a plan for getting there, so choose wisely. Because if you follow your plan, you WILL get what you want. The problem is that most of us don’t ever follow through long enough to find out (ooh, snap.)

5. Put it somewhere. You’ll need to refer back to your List often – keep it close. Look at it. Touch it. Whisper its contents aloud. The thing about progress is that it can sometimes fall prey to the ‘outta sight, outta mind’ syndrome. Lose sight of what you’re after and it’s sure to disappear. I’ve made that mistake a few dozen times before… which is why I started this blog. Every time I post, I make progress.

So, will you be starting that List now?

p.s. this is for my sister who says I never post pictures of myself anymore and I should. You win. But I pick this one, so I kinda win.

p.s. this is for my sister who says I never post pictures of myself anymore and I should. You win. But I pick this one, so I kinda win.



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2 responses to “How to make a list to change your life.

  1. Thank you for this, I’m going to sit down when I have some next week and think this through properly…

    I’ve left something on my blog for you.

  2. Sandra Mateus

    I will start my list as soon a I get over this flu..fever..whatever it is. Sandra 🙂

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