And another one bites the dust..

3. Finish my screenplay
I’m taking a screenplay writing course to keep on track and have a solid start. Lord only knows how off-track I can get with writing projects.

Oh. My. God.

…details to come.

It’s Thanksgiving here in Canada and I’ll be gaining five pounds all weekend, so posting has to take a close second behind my pumpkin pie tarts (er, I’m going to share the recipe, but don’t laugh at me).

Also, I received my first Blogger-bestowed award this week, which was bitchin. Deets to come.

For now, I leave you with this – music from my FAVORITE. BAND. EVER. …


(Ok, so I’m totally sleeping with the guitarist.)

If you don’t click here, you’re totally missing out.


my husband rob. (the guitarist.)



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2 responses to “And another one bites the dust..

  1. Trisha McFatridge

    Hey Sandy! If I can make pumpkin tarts with my teacher partner and 40 six-year-olds… you can totally do it!!!

  2. two words. PUMPKIN PIE! YAHOO! Happy Thanksgiving

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