Dear blog, it’s been five days since my last confession…

I’m not quite sure where the words have been lately, but they’ve escaped me more than once. I’ve attempted, edited, deleted and rewritten this post so many times only to tell you something that should be rather simple:

I finished #3 on my List. I wrote a script. In fact, I wrote two.

They’re short (very short) scripts that I entered into a screenwriting contest I’ve had my eye on for some time. Now, that might not seem like something that’s hard to share – “big deal” you say – but sometimes the words just escape you. And sometimes you just run out of words. Wherever those words are, I can tell you that most of them ended up on the pages of my scripts, that are just waiting to be judged now. I’ve really put myself out there. We’ll see what comes back.

I’m in somewhat of a word purgatory – somewhere between wanting to tell you everything on my mind and not having enough words to describe it. So I guess you could say I’m feeling a little lost for words these days, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It gives me time to process, to think, to marinade.

What I can muster is what my screenplays are about: One is a story of intense passion, and the other of faith. At first I thought these stories of mine had little in common, but then I realized that passion and faith have a thread that binds them together, keeping them just barely attached at the seems – we crave them both.

Some find passion in an instrument; on a blog; in a tube of paint; within a textbook; in the back of a 1987 Pontiac Tempest.

Some find faith in a place of worship; on a yoga mat; in the pages of a book; within the speech of a televangelist on a Sunday morning.

The point is not how you find passion and faith, but that you find them at all. In the last five days I’ve tasted a little of both. And some day soon I hope to find the words to tell you.



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8 responses to “Dear blog, it’s been five days since my last confession…

  1. thanks for sharing.

    I think writing is so hard, and you put so much of yourself into making it work, that it feels really vulnerable to share it.

    It’s probably true for a lot of things that we put a lot into – it makes us sensitive to criticism. But on the other hand, how sad to have it any other way?

  2. I’ve always seen a ‘word purgatory’ as the moment when (writing by hand) I miss-spell a word, cross it out and miss-spell it again!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. I love this post… the whole passion and faith thing? Big… not just in writing, but in life. Of course, writing IS life 🙂

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  5. I am excited to hear more about your screenplays.

    Don’t worry about the word purgatory…sometimes the best writing happens as a result of it.

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