What about you?

Ok, Saturday once again and here I am, posting.


It’s Halloween, which may or may not matter to you, but I think ‘ween is bitchin. Why? Because it always reminds me of being a kid, which is a good thing. Although I get it’s not a good thing for everyone, especially if the things that plagued your childhood included, but were not limited to:

-Childhood acne
-A lack of toys, VHS tapes or a sibling to push around
-Spandex bicycle shorts
-Wetting the bed (you know who you are...)
-Being forced to eat stinky cheese, egg or combo stinky cheese/egg sandwiches at lunch, when all you really wanted was bologna, like all the other kids who also got chips in their lunchbox, but you didn’t because your parents gave you uncool shit, like bananas or apples or plain crackers with no salty bits on the top, because they probably hated you. That’s why.

Anyway, I still love Halloween.

Right now there are kids running up and down my street, totally pumped that they’ll be jacked on sugar tonight. I’m not looking forward to that like, at all. Why? Because most kids are annoying all on their own without having to be high on white, refined sugar, which is sort of like crack, but legal.. and tastes better. Not that I’ve tried crack. Or that I would. But if you have, I won’t judge you. Have you? You can tell me. I won’t tell. I promise.

So I’m typing here and I’m wondering, what do you do when you blog? Are you:

-At a desk
-At the kitchen table (I am, mostly)
-Watching TV
-Talking on the phone
-Listening to music
-Smoking (all things included, don’t hold back. You can tell me.)
-At a coffee shop
-On a laptop
-At an old desktop-you-really-need-to-jump-on-the-Mac-train-already-seriously-what-are-you-waiting-for


What do wear, look like, eat, smoke, drink, think, sit on when you blog?

Me. The Mac. Penelope the cat. She's likes getting involved.

Me. The Mac. Penelope. (yes, she really does this when I blog.)



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14 responses to “What about you?

  1. I sit on the couch with my laptop. there’s usually some sort of beverage in front of me – tea, orange juice maybe, and something on TV that I’m not watching. Generally FRIENDS or a movie. Is that you in the header?

    • Hey, we have that in common then.. I unwatch “Friends” too while blogging! I dunno, it’s like the quintessential background noise or something. Kind of comforting, actually.

  2. That could almost be me in your picture, except with a different cat obviously, with a cup of tea in front of me and the 24hr news channel on in the background.

  3. I’m usually on the couch with either coffee (morning) or a glass of wine (evening) music playing, jammies or sweats.

  4. Fatima Glowa

    Halloween , really ? For me it’s just in the way of Christmas. Don’t even go there , that Christmas is to commercial !!! I’ve head it all !!!
    Don’t get me wrong , done Halloween ,
    been there , wore the costumes , given and especially eaten the candy.
    It’s just hard to get excited about a holiday , that’s all about self ,not to mention that the mean colour is black. Again don’t get me wrong love black !!
    I guess the older I get the less I like the darkness of it all.
    Forever will be a “happy pumpkin” &
    ” sweet witch” kind of halloweener.
    There is to much darkness in the world all ready without celebrating and giving it a holiday.

  5. My parents were definitely the kind who gave me “uncool” stuff in my lunch. My mom was kind of ahead of her time & was a big fan of health/organic food, which although I totally appreciate now I didn’t like as a kid. I used to dream of white bread & fruit roll-ups while I chomped away on my unsweetened carrot muffin.

    I usually sit on my bed & blog…and I have the same computer as you! Mac = love.

  6. Almost always on the couch blogging, usually with the tv off because I convince myself that I’ll do homework as soon as I’m done. You’re a MAC user, huh? I have a Dell laptop and am itching to go the mac way, but don’t really know much about them.

  7. My mom made me cottage-cheese-and-radish-on-rye sandwiches!! Cottage cheese! In a sandwich..sometimes with heavy garlic. It’s a wonder I had ANY friends growing up =)

    I have this ugly run-down gray swivel chair. I sit on it by my desk, cup of green tea to my left, and blog from my lap top. I never swivel. (should I start? might make for some more interesting posts!)

  8. Meg

    I pretty much always blog on my laptop while I’m at home (my apartment or my parents’ house – both count.) Coffee is usually involved. I’m willing to bet that my life would be much better if I had a cat in my lap helping me type. Little bit of jealous going on here.

  9. Ooh, I don’t know how I missed this post! Forgive these many-weeks-late comments, but: in re: blogging, when I blog first thing in the morning, I do so laying down on my bed; if it’s any time later, I blog while laying down on the floor, typically with my face buried in a pillow. I am what I’ve seen described in print only a few times as a “horizontal writer” and am nigh incapable of producing anything readable while any portion of my body is perpendicular to the floor.

    Of course, the lack of need for a desk or table is also pretty convenient for my tiny studio apartment, so I’m going to go ahead and count it as a blessing…

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