Video! I call this little presentation: “Giving Bad Advice”.

Sometimes you get it. Sometimes you give it. And sometimes you give it to yourself.

Bad advice.

It happens to the best of us.

Because somethings are better said face-to-face (or as face-to-face as I can get via my Mac) I’d like to share a little revelation I stumbled upon during this fabulous reinvention of mine.

If you like it, pass it on.

If you don’t like it, well, thanks for ruining my burgeoning career as a movie star. Sheesh.

Seriously though, this one’s from deep down in my guts. (How’s that for a visual?)

p.s. Expect to see more vlogs in the future. Just because.

p.p.s We did this in one take and, lucky you, Rob had the shakes. Don’t stare too long, because you might pass out.

p.p.p.s I have a YouTube channel now! I’m so 2.0. Check out sandybTV. Just because.



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8 responses to “Video! I call this little presentation: “Giving Bad Advice”.

  1. i love it! best advice ever. seriously. far too often we give advice to others that we don’t give to ourselves. we sell ourselves short. we should begin asking questions of ourselves as if someone else was asking them. we may get a more honest answer. one that is not clouded by our own fears.

    i think what you learned from not taking the opportunity may have given you more in the end than had you taken it. you are walking away with a life long lesson. that is some major stuff.

    • I would agree – I did, in the end, gain more from my “loss”. Although it took me some time to understand that. But when I did…


      Bricks, I tell you. A ton of bricks.

  2. p.s. i don’t think it’s possible to love your scarf any more than i do. love. it.

  3. Ugh I can’t view this video! I hate this country! This censorship thing is driving me insane!

    .. sorry i had to vent my frustration.

  4. Wow…love, love, love. As a constant advice seeker and sometimes giver, now I’m questioning everything I ever suggested my friends do. 🙂

    I have a tendency to tell my friends to do the “brave” thing, yet I chicken out and might not do the same. This is really makin’ me think here!

    P.S. Love your scarf.

    • Thanks girl. Ya, why is it that we always give our good advice away, but then don’t take it!? I’m telling you, it was a big eye opener. Straight UP. I’m going to start taking my own advice, on this and other things. But if it works against me, I’m TOTALLY blaming my vlog.

      p.p.s. Thanks for the scarf comment. I’m in love with it, too. But I really need to give it a break now. It’s like, appearing in ALL my friggin pictures lately.

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