#17 on The List is going to leave me a little breathless, sore beyond my wildest dreams, and running for my life.

Some things are better left watched, not read. (Even if my eyes are puffy, dark-circled, and crusty… but I don’t care because I’m brave like that… or crazy… or I was tired. Or both. Probably both.) This is a big one for me and it’s now #17 on The List.

Have you ever done this? Thought of this? Have any advice on the best way to prep?



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12 responses to “#17 on The List is going to leave me a little breathless, sore beyond my wildest dreams, and running for my life.

  1. traynharder23

    running a 10k is not as bad. it’s mostly mental. whew. i just ran mine a week ago. did better than i thought. next stop- half, then whole marathon. woop woop

    • That sounds awesome! I’m so pumped about doing this. I hear the 2 hour mark (or so) is where most 10k-ers end up. I guess that’s a good “goal” to train towards or at least it will give me some sort of idea where I should be… kind of.

  2. best of luck. i have a complicated relationship with running. i hate it, but i dream about it. literally. i have dreams about running. not from anything…just running. it seems like such an amazing concept, but in reality i hate it.

    i wish i could find a cure for it because i think once i can get over the hating it part…i would love it.

    • Cure for running, eh? Hmmm…
      Fast walking maybe? Sort of like being half in, half out. You know, just the tip.


      I hear you with the complex relationship with running… I wondered for years why people were so interested in “running” nowhere in particular… Just. Running. Apparently it’s very cathartic. Humph. We shall see.

  3. Nikki T

    I’m also training to do my first 10km run in March 2010…I’m a fairly new runner, so it’s a bit scary, but after doing the 5km Run for the Cure I thought…only 5km more to go!
    Best of luck!
    PS- LOVE your purple lulu run shirt…just got mine in blue on the weekend!

    • That’s awesome! March 2010! So, you’re training through the winter, huh? Is it cold where you live? Like, am I supposed to run through the snow? I dunno. It’s been years! Hit me back again and tell me how you’re doing Nikki. (somehow it’s nice to know there will be someone else running their asses off like me.)

      p.p.s. I ALMOST got the blue lulu run shirt (it’s hot stuff.) But I’m a sucker for purple. Truth.

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  5. Sandy C

    I completed a 10 K last year…and am definitely not (let me repeat NOT) a runner. I haven’t run since (haha) but it was a To Do and I felt amazing when it was all said and done… felt pretty brutal during, but that’s not the point. Just train up and you will be great. I definitelty didn’t train enough and that was my biggest mistake.

    Crossing that finish line will be well worth it, trust me.

  6. I have a HUGE love of running, I think the best this is to find some type of program (I have used Runner’s World and halhigdon.com). Especially for girls like us who like the feeling of crossing something of a list. I loved finishing the run and crossing it off of that day’s training!

    p.s. You totally inspired a post that is going up on my site this Friday…still working on it (my list). Thank you for that.

    • I will most def check out some groups. There is one I have my eye on and you’ve just convinced me it’s probably what I need to do to kick my training up a few. Great way to meet new people and, of course, not look like a running, sweating idiot alone.

      Ooooh, and I’m very pumped for your post this Friday! I will be there! (Thank YOU so much for sharing that. For real.)

  7. sandy d

    i recently discovered your blog and i’ve got to say i love 1) that there’s another sandy out there and 2) your philosophy of making yourself a happy life. i recently ran a marathon (skipped the 5k and the 10k and the half)– i went from being barely able to run 3 miles to 26.2. i found that taking on and conquering the physical task made me want to improve myself in countless other ways and also made me feel a little invincible. if running does the same for you, then it’s perfect for your list. good luck with the early morning runs!

    • SandyD… wow, thank you! Both for the compliments on my little ‘ol blog here and for the insight into the running. I see people running all the time and, even though that was me loving it once, lately I’ve been thinking, “why the hell do they look so happy?” I know there is something cathartic about running nowhere in particular and I’m looking forward to the challenge. Blisters, lost toenails, sore ass and all.

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