UPDATE: What ever happened to that script I submitted? Well, let me tell you..

So a couple of weeks ago I get this email. And I know it’s not a typical email, like from my friends or sister or mom. Those have the usual subject headings like, “yo” “hey sandy” or “hi it’s your mother you never call me anymore i love you”.


This email had a different subject line and was from an unrecognized email address. It was my professor’s. She’d contacted me to say that, yes, my script (you can read about it here) was received, read and judged by the committee, and that, yes, it had been short-listed. (SHORT LISTED!) But no cigar.

At first I was like, “what the balls! I suck… why do I even bother writing at all. God!” But that lasted for like, 10 seconds (who really has the time for self-deprecation anymore), because when I stepped back for a breather I realize that my script – my first go at a screenplay – made it all the way to a short list, which means that people actually liked my work, which means I’m not totally useless at the keyboard, which means that maybe I sniff a new career here, which means that it’s only a matter of time (what, six months maybe?) before HBO sends me an email (which I know will not be from my mother) asking me to write their next blockbuster series, which means it’s only a matter of time before I’m hob nobbing with the likes of Alan Ball, Diablo Cody and splitting a cigar with Speilberg. Right? …Right?

(I really need to stop drinking before I post.)

Anyway, the point is that I gave screenwriting a shot, a hit of what I had, and it came back to me with pretty good results for a first-time around, even if it didn’t win a chance to be produced, which was the “prize” all the screenwriters were chomping at the bit for.

But then…

I got another email from my professor (she is the lovely woman who first encouraged me to enter the contest). She told me that not only did I make the coveted SHORT LIST, but apparently my little number made it all the very top of at least one judge’s list. ONE WHOLE JUDGE. THE TOP OF HIS LIST.

Now that’s pimp.

So why am I sharing this news at the risk of sounding like oh, I dunno, I’m a big face, tooting my own horn, injecting my ego with a dose of pompous loser? Because giving myself credit at all is actually a big, big step for me.  I’m working hard on this during this reinvention of mine. Also, I share this news because I’m hoping you get inspired to hook yourself up with a little flattery, too.

People just don’t give themselves credit for anything anymore, do they? Not a pat on the back, not a high five, not a slap in the ass for doing a fucking awesome job. But then again, have we, as a modern society, ever done that? (Oh hell, did I just use the word “society”? Hang. Me. Now.)

But I do have a point, I swear! Read on.

Why is it so hard to throw ourselves a little well-deserved credit every now and again?

I mean, if a friend told me her first-time-ever screenplay made a short list, I’d buy her a drink! I’d tell all my other friends! I’d congratulate her until I was blue in the face and her cheeks were a rosy hue of “aw, shucks”. Why? Because that’s what you do when someone does something fucking awesome.

So there. This is my high-five, way to go, ass-slap, double-cheek kiss for having the balls to try something new, something I was afraid of, something that left me having to expose a once guarded side of myself… and then making a short list for it.


So, spill it. What awesome thing(s) have YOU done lately? Give yourself props in the comments box below.

(hey, and don’t be shy either.. um, I can see stats back here you know, and way more of you are reading, lurking, stalking and not commenting… spread the love now y’all)



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6 responses to “UPDATE: What ever happened to that script I submitted? Well, let me tell you..

  1. Shawesome

    Congratulations on the short list Sandyb, I would buy you a drink, but thats hard so here is a virtual HighFive!

    As for me, i have nothing worthy of Highfivery, other then I recently purchased my first piece of art for my condo. That is a something a grown up would do, and for that i feel good.

    toot toot. (my own horn)

  2. Helen Peacock

    Hi Sandy,

    Great Post!! Once again you are an inspiration. Just taking the first step in sending in your screenplay is amazing. Most people will hum & ha over it but you bit the bullet, kudos to you. Your whole out look on it i love. I know you will not give up (it’s not in you) you will keep digging through the trenches even thought it’s not a war but it’s something that will keep you going until you have met your dream. Ah visualization is sweet…
    I want to be with you when you are smokin those cigars!! So please remember me Sandy!! I wanna be in your screenplay ..how about that? can i dream of that one? Share your passion with you? Teehee!!
    Cheers my friend! Keep up the great work!!

    P.S. submitted my voiceover for a contest, that’s my newest gig!!..fingers,legs,eyes crossed….

    • Helen, thank you so much for this. Honestly – your notes always make me smile.

      As for a future script, how does my first feature film starring YOU sound, hmmm? Hey, you never know.

      p.s. I want updates on this voiceover contest!!

  3. Dude. DUDE! That’s friggin’ AMAZING! Congratulations! Are the judges going to hook you up with any of their comments on your screenplay? ’cause it would be really great for you to keep going after this — take it through a few more drafts and keep submitting. After all, you’re obviously on the right track. Why not take this accomplishment as far as it’ll go?

    Obvi I would totally buy you a drink in celebration of this fantastic achievement! And, while consuming said drink, might insist upon us staging a reading of some of our mothers’ more colorful email subject lines, because your mother’s sounded familiar but only a mere novella compared to the shenans with which my mother floods just the front-page of my gmail box on a daily basis.

    • Aw, thanks girl. My former professor hooked me up with a few comments, which were awesome. She really encouraged me to keep going, which I will do. I have more updates in future… I’m working on another project in the coming weeks. Oooh.. goosebumps!

      On the subject of mothers.. should our meeting ever happen, YOU MUST INVITE YOUR MOM (even though I know she thinks I’m a bad influence. Phef). Hey, hey, maybe post one of her emails sometime? That would be AMAZING. Think about it.. just sayin’.

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