Writer’s block.

It’s like stuttering. The ideas are there. The intention is there. But the words, the words. They. Won’t. Come. Out.


My well has run dry, and I have another script due like, last week.


Shit me.


Help! What do you do when this happens? (and yes, I’ve tried drinking…)



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8 responses to “Writer’s block.

  1. and there’s nothing on the great wide internets that will help?

  2. First I unplug my internet connection (which, like, physically pains me). Then I open a Word document, chug 32 ounces of water, and tell myself I can’t pee ’til I have seven pages. That usually helps.

  3. I keep writing crap until the flow shifts. It usually does. I think of it as word-constipation.

  4. I go jogging for about 4 miles… Read a novel in something totally unrelated… Bake something…. Or get out of the house and buy some twizzlers from the furthest grocery store in my town…

  5. Oh if only Exlax worked the other way! (-:

  6. I have writer’s block everyday of my life. I sit at the computer and refuse to move until ideas start formulating, and slowly but surely, nonsense comes out my fingers.

    It’s awesome.

    Good luck!

  7. flatbrokegirl

    Running or any type of exercise seriously helps clear my head enough. That way, whatever writer’s block frustration I have doesn’t annoy me as much. I also try to put on some really mean, hardcore music when I do that 🙂

    Laughter really is the best medicine, too. Whenever I get tensed up from writer’s block or whatever else life throws in my direction, I’ll put on one of my “30 Rock” DVDs.

  8. I take a break and read books that inspire me!

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