Things I learned while I was sleeping.

Experience is what you get when you don’t get what you want.

-Dan Stanford


First, big ups to everyone and anyone who responded to my Writer’s Block Dilemma. I’m better now, so thank you. I heard everything from exercise to torturing my bladder as methods for Beating the Block, all of which were worth their weight in gold. But now I have the opposite problem (God, I’m such a complainer) and I can’t seem to stream my thoughts into coherent sentences. Or remember them.

I lost hours of sleep last night turning some good shit over in my head. I was all like, “Oh man, this is so good stuff. I can’t wait to get up an write it There’s no way I’ll forget it. No way.” So instead of learning from past experiences that I never, ever remember the next day what I was thinking the night before (thus REACH FOR A PEN AND PAPER, IDIOT) I’m dealing with the consequences. Total balls.

Before I turn 30 I really hope to get this lesson nailed down.


(p.s. Don’t worry, this isn’t a real post. Just stuff I was thinking.)

(p.p.s See, I’m already learning to always write things down.)




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2 responses to “Things I learned while I was sleeping.

  1. Oh, man, you always have to write that stuff down! Good lesson to work on making second-nature! Although I’m always amused when I think of something that seems brilliant or hilarious or poignant at the time, then I check out my notes later and they’re absolutely bizarre and unusable. The human brain is such a complicated, lovely little mystery.

  2. paws4thot

    I’m an occasional poet (not published, and no asperations to be; I write stuff for me and/or my GF [when post filled]), and know to keep a notepad by my bed when I am in this sort of mood because if I don’t then a poem will arrive at about 2AM and keep me up for the rest of the night!

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