If you saw me driving in my car this morning, here’s what I was really thinking instead of paying attention to the road.

Note to Self:

Smarten up.

The only way you’re ever going to get the things you want is if you decide they’re meant to be yours. So, frig, just decide already because seriously Self, you’ve been sitting on the pot too long, so just shit already. This applies to house-hunting, impending business plans, work, friendships and the Michael Kors bag that you didn’t buy for 60% off and now you’re telling everyone, “Well, I didn’t like it that much anyway..” which you know is a lie, because you did. You do. The next time designer anything is on sale, you don’t “think” about it, you act, dammit.

And while we’re in this traffic and sitting idly like sheep for slaughter, Self, you should know.. your blog is pissed at you and so are the wonderful people who read it. You give the blog no love these days, no love. And you and I both know why. You work too much! Where’s the fun in your life. Work, work, work, that’s all you do! What started out as a way to document your List has turned into more, sure, and it’s not always easy to sit down and spew heart-felt learnings that come about from reinventing via, quite possibly, the most important List you’re ever going to make. I get it. But seriously Self, just blog your ass off, because you know that writing is where your heart is.

And also, Self, you might want to consider bringing back the bangs. Although, you should check with your sister. This sort of matter really needs to be discussed, explored and then called to a vote. And you know it’s true.

Lastly Self, while I have you here, traffic is a douchebag on steroids. Hurry up and win the lottery or write a best-selling novel or screenplay (or strip, whatever) so you can hire an effing driver already, you know, like you’ve always wanted.

Think less. Want more. Act always.

Oh, and by the way, you’re officially late for work now, so forget about Starbucks.

Note to you:

I love my blog (and hope you do, too!) and after a pep talk with mySelf I’ve decided to do more of the things I love to do, without thinking so much. Really, because thinking is exhausting and complex and layered, and not like a good complex and layered, like layered cake or pudding, more like the bad kind of layered, like three sweaters and only one T-shirt and you’re not wearing a bra, so now you have to keep the sweaters on or risk nipping-out in front of total strangers, coworkers or neighbors you can’t stand.

See, exhausting.

Has your blog (or blogs you read) changed its direction or vibe since you started? How did/do you handle that? Do tell..
(PPS, one of my favorite bloggers, Not That Kind of Girl, is doing her FIRST ever blogiveaway today (he-hem, changing her blog direction in slight) and I totally love her moxy for it!! Check it out! (tell her sandyb sent you..).



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11 responses to “If you saw me driving in my car this morning, here’s what I was really thinking instead of paying attention to the road.

  1. Not pissed at you but have missed having you around and pleased to have you back.

    I don’t think mine has changed direction yet. Or has it? Although it will be soon…

  2. Wait, let me get this straight: you skip Starbucks when you’re late? … I think we might need to meet in real-life, and I might have to help you get your life on track. That’s just crazy talk.

    • Please, let me explain. It was a one-time indiscretion. A lapse in good judgment, which resulted in having to resort to (Oh God, I can barely type it..) instant coffee.

      But never again.

      In fact, just this morning I was late (due to bad weather.. friggin Toronto) and STILL stopped in for my venti-pikeplaceroast-with-a-double-shot-of-gingerbread. I do have priorities, after all. But please, I need all the support I can get, so thank you Cheryl. Thank you.

  3. I love this post. It’s so easy to get bogged down in thinking about decisions as a way to procastinate or stay in your comfort zone about making them. The comparison I always make between people is stolen from this great old Turgenev essay, in which he says that all men are either Hamlets (men of thought) or Quixotes (men of action). I’m such a Hamlet it’s a mystery I wasn’t born crying in iambic pentameter, so I’ve been trying to Quixote it up lately. I recommend it!

    Also: you are wise to seek sisterly advice before trying out bangs. Bangs are a sticky wicket and consider much girltalking and perhaps even ingesting of cocktails to fully consider.

    • Also also: thanks for the blog slash giveaway love!

      • Of course! Anything for you girl. Not sure how many readers bounced over there from here, but hey, you never know!

      • paws4thot

        By the powers invested in me (aka Ken O) by the state of “only being half-awake” I now pronounce you, sandyb, and you, TKOG, blog-sisters. 😉

    • Quixote away! That is what our “missions” are about this year, after all… yes? I, too, am guilty of overindulging in deep thought. Some do chocolate cake and beer, I do introspection with a touch of compulsion. We all have our vices!

      On the bangs, my sister says nay, but I’m leaning towards it. I believe my “About” shot shows bangs. Maybe I’ll take a peek and try to visualize.

  4. Christine

    Yeah, bangs- HUGE decision. Wish I would have consulted my best friend before I got them…the second time! She looked at me flatly and said, “You’re so pretty without bangs.” Ouch. But also Thanks.

    My blog changed directions pretty much before I even started it. TheDishy.com was supposed to be a total girl fest- all things “Real Girl” like hair tips, winter accessories on sale and easy recipes…it has mostly turned into my recaps of embarrassing moments. I’m starting a photoblog too…but we’ll see how it goes.

    People are multifaceted. Why can’t blogs be?

    • Ya, ouch, I’d say! Leave it to friends to be um, honest with you. True sign of a good pal though. She could have told you the bangs were dynamite, in which case you’d walk around with a false sense of confidence, all high and mighty-like, and that would just do irreparable damage in all sorts of ways. Nobody likes a big face, right?

      I will have to bounce over to your blog asap! I love your comment about people being multifaceted, so why not blogs. Couldn’t agree more.

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