I blame the Magic Kingdom for adult crying fits, over-zealous children, baby barf and the five pounds I gained in four days.

So, Florida.

It was a lot of wonderful things all at once, with one very significant sandyb-style break-down, which I’ll dish about in a momento.

For years, I’ve wanted to take Rob to Disney World. I went there twice (three times?) as a child and swore up and down that it really was The Happiest Place on Earth. The happiest? Can’t say for sure at the young ripe age of 29, but it certainly has it’s perks, including being old enough to drink AND ride the Tea Cups. Amazing.


Finally my husband selling his soul to Corporate Canada (doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as “America”, but anyway) paid off in a big, fancy way: we ate well, drank much and hot-tubbed on the company tab while visiting the Sunshine State. Wow, dreams really do come true.

Things were going swimmingly, just swimmingly, when suddenly, on the hotel bed, following a day of Disneying, amidst the plethora of pillows, down comforters and 500-thread count sheets, I started to cry. And not just any cry, this was an ugly cry. The real deal.

“What’s wrong?” asked my doting husband, to which I replied among gobs of snot and tears, “Nothing.” (obviously).

But there was something very, very wrong with me. There has been something “off” for some time in fact, but it’s something that I chose not to give a lot of consideration to because I didn’t want to fuel it – I didn’t want to dignify it with a reaction. But ignore something long enough, like a tax bill, credit card statement, hang nail or screeching kid (all equally annoying to my soul), and eventually it gets so you just can’t ignore it anymore. In fact, your attempt to shrink it with a dose of neglect will inevitably only make it bigger.

So there I was, at the Happiest Place on Earth, a slobbering, blithering, sniffling mess (bibbidi, bobbidi, boo) and my poor husband without an inkling of an idea what to do with me. Worse? I didn’t know what do to with myself, although I did have an idea (OK, I’d been having whole brainstorm sessions) about why I was so beside myself, so unable to cope in that moment, so unreasonably irrational and messy…

…Phewf. Need a breather. Be right back to tell you the rest. Prom-ise.



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3 responses to “I blame the Magic Kingdom for adult crying fits, over-zealous children, baby barf and the five pounds I gained in four days.

  1. Algernon+Penelope= Tru luv 4eva. Algie is begging me to get a tattoo and everything… Ahh, young love.

    I am on the edge of my seat to hear the rest of your Disneyworld story- I hope it’s more excited than my breakdown last week, which was mostly sleep deprivation and stress induced- oh yeah and my life seemed severly off track at the moment.

    Blog switch up- I think it’s just because I’m not that organized. I’d rather tell people something funny that happened to me or give a shout out than give you tips for super shiny hair, though, Lord knows I have them! Has your’s shifted in an unforseen direction? Okay, I am typing this on tiny blackberry keys. This is pretty much a miracle I’ve made it this far- and I’m in bed. So, you are double lucky. Hang in there, your kitty needs to pick out bridesmaids dresses so you can’t lose it TOO badly.

  2. Okay, wow, so I blame by tiny screen and tired eyes on the spelling errors. I’m glad this posted- it said it couldn’t on my phone last night and I was PISSED! And I mean angry, not drunk, though, to be fair, I may have been slightly drunk. But really, I do want to hear the rest of this story and I hope it’s more “excited” than mine. WTF, me??

    • Like I always say, being “slightly drunk” is better than not being drunk at all.

      You did ALL that with your BB? Kudos girl, kudos. I can’t even BBM properly if my thumbnails are too long!

      PS, told Penelope, and she’s into it.

      PPS, the follow up to my Disney breakdown is on its way… stay tuned! Just needed to digest it a bit more. Almost ready to regurgitate it! (God, I’m so off side.)

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