The real me.

Don’t you hate it when company’s coming and you have nothing decent to serve? Totally happening right now.

(wait, this was supposed to be a Twitter msg, I think)

Ok, try this. Sorry, it’s all I got:

no no no drama

(I like to make an impression.)

How’d I do?

(DE-CODER: Click here. It’ll make more sense. Trust me okay.)


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4 responses to “The real me.

  1. Nicely done. As is your assuming the position…although is that your home? If it is it is very minamilist and not what I expected at all.

  2. Nope, not my apartment. A hotel lobby, actually. Nothing about my life (or tastes) is minimalist, promise. Very jumbled, organized chaos mostly.

  3. “Very jumbled, organized chaos mostly.”

    I knew I liked you.

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