About SandyB

Penelope and me hanging out.

Penelope and me hanging out.

In less than one year I’ll be losing something important to me.

It has been with me for nearly a decade, so I’m giving it the sound-off it deserves for the next few months. That’s all the time we have left together.

I will miss it.

I will talk about it.

I will take a lot of pictures of it.

I will even blog about it.

…but I will never, ever regret leaving it. There is so much that it just can’t do for me anymore.

To you, my hot n’ heavy 20’s, I bid a very sweet, sweaty farewell.

I’m shedding my 20-something status for the unknown territory of “30-ish”.

What you need to know: I’m shedding my 20-something status for the unknown territory of “30-ish” and blogging about it. Over the next year I will complete my “Before I Turn 30 List” and live to tell the tale (at least that’s the plan anyway). Why? Because I know I’m not the only 29-year old wondering wtf is next.

My goal: Finish my “Before I Turn 30 List” by August 21, 2010; make the next decade my most favorite yet because seriously, I’m not getting any younger.

(you can stop here or if you’re nosy, curious or turning 30 sooner than later, totally keep reading..)

part of 29's List: Honeymoon in Paris

part of 29's List: Honeymoon in Paris. (Ya, like i wasn't going to do this one.)

A little more about this project, but you get the gist: I made a promise to myself to dig deep on this blog and document my personal REINVENTION as honestly as possible. And if you can’t keep a promise to yourself, well, then what? It’s not because of a crisis or a meltdown (like who has the time anymore?)  that I’m doing this reinvention. I make a list every year on my birthday – some people use January 1 as a start-over point, I use August 21. But if I’ve had one too many conversations lately (albeit accompanied by cocktails) with friends along the lines of, what do I do with my life next? Good question. Not so easy answer. But I still want to find out.

So I asked myself, if I were to cross everything off my List, what would happen..

Would I be happier? More successful? Less stressed? Sleep better at night knowing that I’ve achieved awesome shit before 30? Smarter? Richer? Or..?


I recently read that less than 5% of the population is completely satisfied with their current life. Are our expectations too high? Standards too low? Or are we all just a bunch of overzealous, too ambitious, never satisfied lifestyle junkies? My guess is that we’re just a little stuck.

Create a new you. Meet new people. Nosh new food. Tone your muscles. Wear bright red. Donate your hair. Try yoga. Invent a personal philosophy. Get positive. Say “no” for once. Sometimes say “yes”. Be happy for others. Inspire your friends. Get a better job. Love your hands. Love your laugh lines. Add cayenne pepper to everything. Travel somewhere non “all-inclusive”. Take a course on something NOT related to your job. Eat spinach every day. Read a book a month. Sit silently for one minute every hour. Break up with bad friends. Buy that house. Grow your nails. Adopt a pet. Sleep an extra hour each night. …then write it down.

(find out what’s on my List)

Ok, so you’re new here. These posts should bring you up to snuff. Some fan faves  (I use that term very loosely) include but are not limited to:

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For fun, a few randoms:

name: sandyb
location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
occupation: magazine editor; fitness, yoga, & Pilates teacher; cat mother.
graduated from: York University.
worst job ever: I’ve had 24… but door-to-door sales nearly killed me.
favorite food: Right now, I’m obsessed with organic dark chocolate, but raw oysters definitely compete.
have traveled to: Portugal, Italy, Spain, Greece, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Mexico (was married there!), Jamaica, Honduras, St. Lucia, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, New York, Connecticut, Quebec, and many, many small towns within Northern Ontario.
want to: Travel to Vancouver, Prince Edward Island, Thailand, and Greenland. And skydive. I really want to skydive.
favorite color: Purple, because I love Prince beyond words. Beyond.
short-term goals: Wash my car, get a pedicure, wake up on time.
love: Spas, outdoor concerts, crisp bed sheets, and quieting my mind (it’s rare, but when I manage to do it, I love it)
really love: reading books that have been into movies and then comparing.
recently I: Sold our fabulously renovated loft to RENT a small apartment in the neighborhood we (husband, Rob & cat, Penelope) have been drooling over for years. We’re just two months into this new adventure and it’s already had a huge impact on our lives. It is most definitely a milestone on my road to 30.
long-term goals: Buy a house in the neighbourhood we love; finish this blog; get big biceps (c’mon, like very gal doesn’t dream of having those), cross ALL things off the List.


8 responses to “About SandyB

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  2. C.

    can’t wait to follow you on the your reinvention.. but a must do, right now, is skydive! I did it over a year ago and can not wait to do it again!! Pay the extra $$ for the still pics and video- its sooo worth it!!!!
    if you are ever down in so cal, let me know and I will jump with you 🙂

  3. haha, did you ever read my post about skydiving? Boy oh boy. Come on over to Calgary and we’ll go.


  4. hey, you’re pretty fabulous.

    just sayin.

    nice to meet you young lady. we shall travel into the next era together.

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  6. I’ve read a good portion of your blog, an just wanna say, ” inspiring an harsh, insightful. The time line, can u elaborate a little.

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