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If you think I hate kids, you’re totally off-side. I actually think they’re cute. Sometimes.

The other day, I was doing #15 on my List and thought it would be a good idea to spread the love. Here goes:

While in line at one of my favorite neighborhood bakeries, there was a plethora of gingerbread cookies laid out for sale. Now let me tell you that I love all things gingerbread, cinnamon, ginergy, spicy, and especially things that taste like gingerbread-cinnamon-gingery-spice. Drool.

There was a little girl – quite cute, actually, with long brown, curly hair and big blues eyes – waiting behind me to buy bread. Her mom stood outside.

Then a young family – mom with three kids – walked in to stand in line, too.

The gingerbread-cinnamon-gingery-spice cookies were on everyone’s mind. Pleas and begs came from all the young girls to their mothers to just have the effing cookies… “PLEASE!”.

Now I’m sure you know where this is going, but wait. Hear me out. Most people in my circles think I don’t like kids, hate them in fact, which actually isn’t true. Do I think kids can be obnoxious? Smelly? Loud? Attention mongers? Sure, guilty as charged. But this is exactly why I thought it would be a good-out-of-my-ordinary thing to buy all four girls in the bakery those cookies.

And I did.

Normally I just buy overpriced coffee for adults with their own bank accounts who really don’t need to be drinking any more caffeine anyway.  I needed to branch out.

I didn’t want to be heard, so I whispered the plan to the cashier, paid for my items (cookies included) and walked out. Smiling.

As I walked down Roncesvalles Ave., I knew that a few stores away there were four little girls being told, “That lady who just left bought you all cookies…” (And then I thought, hey, she better have said “lady” and not “woman” because, what the hell Lady at the Bakery, I’m only 29. And then I was walking down Roncesvalles with a dirty look, all mean-eyes, but then Rob was like, “what the hell is your problem?” and I snapped out of it pretty quick because, well, I doubt the Lady at the Bakery even knows who I am or my age. And she was actually quite nice.)


The thing about doing #15 on my List is that it’s a real win-win for everyone involved: The independent bakery who scored (albeit small but nonetheless) a few extra sales; the girls who got their “PLEASE MOM!” cookies; and moi, who is on a mission to reinvent her usual life and habits and thoughts.

The odd thing is that I’m sharing it here and, well, I feel like a bit of a big face doing so – “Look at me… I’m SO generous..” Not true. I really don’t think that at all. I thought it was more important to spread it by blogging, hoping that you will do #15, then blog about it, too.

So, the real point to the story is, you should always spoil the dinner of neighborhood children with cookies.

So, you have a moment when a stranger did this for you or you did this for a stranger?



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Yesterday I took the long way home just because it seemed more interesting. I got lost. It was awesome.

So, it turns out reinventing myself isn’t as easy as it looks. Or seems. Or I thought it would be. Not that I take the easy road or anything, or even have a map for it. And not that I’d use it if I did.  I mean, where’s the fun in life if you can’t start up a blog about turning 30, decide you’re going to check everything off your List, start checking things off, get all introspective and analytical and shit, cry on the bathroom floor, decide you’re being an idiot, snap out of it, and then write it all down?

Admit it, you totally get me.

Is it worth so far? Absofuckinglutely.

Having a List has done some good things:

1. Others have started to reinvent. I’ve had people tell me that after stopping by the blog they’re also starting a List, which I think is fantastic. Once in a while, I come up with a nugget. Apparently the List is one of them. That’s solid.

2. I eat something green everyday. It’s good for me. On days I don’t eat my greens I feel like garbage: My energy is low, my mood is hit or miss and I’m pretty sure other people’s children bother me more than usual. If you’re thinking about making a List, I’d highly recommend spinach make it on there.

3. I’ve said exactly what’s on my mind. Since I turned 29, I told a friend she broke my heart; I told my landlord the people who live below us make me want to vomit; I told a guy who thinks I’m high maintenance that he just really thinks I’m out of his league; and I told my sister what I really think about the situation she’s in right now.

4. On my travels last month, I hung out at a nude beach (and I mean that literally). It was fantastic.

This might not sound like a lot, but these are all things I wasn’t doing this time last year. And that, my friends, is progress.

But something’s still missing.

I read recently that Maya Angelou once said, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Before you start thinking, ‘Oh God’s she’s one of those assholes who goes around quoting people all the time…’ I don’t. But sometimes other people just know how to sum it up better than I do.

And with that, I have added #15:

Everyday, especially on my worst ones, I will do something for someone other than myself. I will remind my friends why I chose to love them; I will buy coffee for the person behind me at Starbucks; I will give my time and expect nothing in return; I will call my mom for no reason other than just because I know it makes her day; I will personally compliment the chef and not just tell the waiter; I will tell the girl at the checkout that her hair is totally bitchin; I will trade a criticism for a compliment; I will ask about your day, instead of telling you about mine.

Everyday, I will give away some awesome.


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