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I’m Not That Kind of Girl.

Hello? Hello?

Ok, so after weeks of dropping comments on one another’s blogs, Not That Kind of Girl decided to take our blogaffair to the next level. …She emailed me.

I am one flattered chick to be posting there today because she is a fabulously talented, witty, and daring writer. She’s on a mission to complete 250 crazy, awesome things in just one year and tell-all every day. (And sometimes, things even get a little freaky.. oh la la). There isn’t one post of hers I haven’t absolutely adored, and I mean that, straight up.

If you don’t already read this lovely lady, well, I really don’t know what you do with your time. Go!


p.s. for the weirdos who read my blog (um, you know who you are..) the words “Poutine” “Beefcake” and “Cock” are the stars of my guest post today. Just saying.


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Popping my cherry.

Today’s post is brought to you by Mr. London Street (one of my fave, fave bloggers). He’s popping my guest post cherry. It’s ok though, he’s British.

I won’t spoil it for you, but I’ll leave you with this picture of my husband, Rob.


This picture will make more sense to you then.


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