Hey, pay attention to me!

A picture of: Today, when I thought of you all and this post, this is what I was doing. Just because.

Stuff I Know for Sure #1

What I know: Nobody cares, so get over it
Let’s break it down real quick: This isn’t as negative as it sounds. Although I’ve blown-off my share of idiot people and comments in my short life, the truth is I DO care about what people think, sometimes to a fault. I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that I’m not alone on that truth either. Right? We’re only human, after all, and come pre-packaged with flaws (Yes, even me. Crazy, I know). But I’m learning, more so since embarking on the journey that is my List, that whether it’s wearing what I want, saying what’s really on my mind, taking risks like jumping out of planes or nude beaching it or, in earnest, standing by my decision that pickles and mayo do, in fact, go together, in the end what I think is my own opinion… and really, nobody cares. You know why? Because most people have their own opinions to sort through and are probably paying less attention to my blunders than I realize. In the end, thinking that others are thinking (or judging ) my every move is just ego talking, while insecurity eggs it on- like two Frat Brothers, one who farts over a butane lighter and the other who encourages it. See, nonsense.
Here’s how I figure it: Most people care about what they’re wearing today, their own career, misadventures, problems, troubles and bad examples of “haute cuisine”. So ya, people have their own lives to pontificate. Trust me when I say that when you’re doing your thing, no one is watching, so go for it, balls to the wall. But, and I must insert this caveat: Do “your thing” with confidence, authenticity and kindness and people will notice you, which can be a very great thing, especially when the person noticing you is someone you’re noticing right back. That’s just called being inspired.
The bumper sticker worthy take home message: live, like nobody’s watching.

I have an question AND since everyone has been comments shy lately, I’m hoping you’ll come out to share your answer to this:
If you thought no one was watching, what would YOU do?


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6 responses to “Hey, pay attention to me!

  1. Oh dude, man, I could not agree with this more. I think you’re 100% right, and the more absolutely mortifying things I do in pursuit of my NTKOG-ness, the more I realize that energy spent worrying what people will think is absolutely wasted. Everyone else is too busy worrying what the world thinks of their quirks to even notice your quirks.

    Stuff I now do like nobody’s watching: sing along with my iPod like kind of all the time (and sometimes dance a little too); ask people for help all the time — discounts in stores, directions, restaurant recommendations on the street in an unfamiliar part of town — just get input from people who, it turns out, are almost always happy to give it; wear whatever the heck I want (hello fedora and cowboy boots).

    Oh, another big victory, years in the making: you know how whenever one is walking somewhere, then realize they went too far or in the wrong direction, and need to turn and walk in the direction they just came from — how we all feel the need to make a big production of it and pantomime, for the benefit of passersby, that we’ve just had a big revelation to explain why we’re turning around in the street? You know what I mean, right? The forehead tap or epiphany shrug before turning on our heels. Lately I’ve just — not been doing it. A little thing, sure, but it felt good to crawl out of the thumb of that very universal habit.

    • I love your comments almost as much as I love your posts! (almost- your posts are absolutely, positively fabulous, so tough to beat.)


      I’m sort of on the opposite end- through most of my 20s I was one ballsy gal. Talk to strangers? No problem! Act as I wish? Absolutely! Ask for directions AND strike up a convo? Most def. But, you see, in the last little while I’ve lost my verve, my sauce, my wham! and am on a quest, much like you are, to live in the moment… again.

      As for the last part- not making a production out of bad logistics- I’m with you and I think I’ll apply that outlook to life as well. Something like, take the wrong direction/make a wrong decision and, rather than sweat it, just keep on walking, cause at the end of the day you’ll end up somewhere.

      WHEN, oh when will sandyb and TKOG ever discuss these things in real life!

  2. You should come to my work and sneak in on me while I think I’m alone. There’s a good chance you’ll catch me singing and dancing.

  3. Touch myself obviously. Seriously. Mmm that’s good.

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