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Oatmeal to die for.

Ok, my bad. Totally meant to show you a picture of these oats, but I ate 'em. All. Yep, they're that good.

OK, my man started the following recipe and I’m like, in love with it. In fact, I plan to stay with him an extra 50 yrs just for these oats. Feel this:

-4 apples (your choice) peeled, sliced thin
-cinnamon, good vanilla, agave nectar to taste
-plump raisins

Combine all this crap in a baking dish for like, 40 minutes at 375F (not rocket science, I know) and let it cool. But then you store this batch in the fridge and ADD IT TO YOUR OATMEAL AS THEY COOK in the morning.

Oh. My. God.

*the key here is THIN slices of apple. Drool.

PS, imagine a cook book that had instructions like, “Throw all the crap together in a baking dish…” or “Slice the hell out of those onions” or “Pound that pork like nobody’s business, because dammit, you earned it after a hard day at the office”.

I’d read it.

Just sayin’ is all.


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